In the year 20XX...

The Columbus Ohio Retro Gaming Society Convention for 2022 has a new entry for the Nintendo Entertainment System (and Famicom).

If you're interested in going to a video game convention, then it only stands to reason that you're even more interested in playing a video game about going to such a convention.

Explore the CORGS-con and find hidden video games and references. Throw money at video games and maybe even find the KING OF VIDEO GAMES himself!


A player in a convention A player chatting with another A player outside in the game A player chatting with a vendor Video game references Outdoors with a foodtruck

Limited Run of Physical Cartridges

Bespoke NES cartridges of a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System based off the NROM-256 PCB. Rom chips lovingly burned and hand soldered into original hardware.

NES Label Famicom Label NES carts

Play The Game!

The game is free to download on this page

The game is also available to play online


Created in 3 months in early 2022 by Alan Files and Brian Burke
Graphics by Brian Burke
Programming by Alan Files


Many thanks to NESDoug, and Shiru, for making it easy to write the game in C instead of 6502 Assembly.